Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training with purpose for an outstanding goal!

As I endured the long line to the top of Rockefeller Center the day after Thanksgiving with my wife and three small boys, I didn't really know how much it would affect me. I had finished my first Half Irondistance race less than a month ago and every since then I had a taste for an Ironman. I thought about Cozumel then found out Arizona would be opening up soon and I had already started trying to talk my wife and family into the idea when something hit me. Since my start in fitness and triathlon I have believed in giving back and the importance of this journey being something above just myself. I had been following some folks on Twitter that have really guided me through my journey and found out about Team Continuum about a year ago. Something led me to their site and I realized that their cause was something I believed in. To top it off they were offering entry to Ironman New York for a commitment to raise money for their important charity. This was it, I thought, this was something that meant more than just a goal for myself. Thanksgiving day I had the privelege to get my father in-law out of the house for a simple trip to the Seven Eleven to get the paper with the Black Friday ads for my wife. You see, over a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer and it touched myself and family greatly. I talked to him about what I was thinking about doing and he thought it was commendable. He also mentioned to me how when he was in the hospital there wasn't a lot of communication and consultation about the disease for him and his family. He was really amazed how little of this support was available. I think during that conversation I made up my mind. Back at the top of Rockefeller Center where I started this blog and the view you see in the picture something changed in me and I committed to this great cause and epic event that will help those battling cancer with the non medical needs that are present as they endure their disease. I will be updating this blog as I complete my journey and I appreciate your consideration to helping me with this cause. Click the Team Continuum Athlete Page link in the top right hand corner of the page to read more.

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge. Our stories are almost identical. I just did my first half in Sept (Augusta) and I decided to race with the Challenged Athletes Foundation at IM NYC (my first IM) rather than sign up for IMFL next year. Good luck with your training! Less than 250 days to go.