Sunday, December 18, 2011

A focus on nutrition two weeks in!

This is what was waiting for me at the co-op pick up point this afternoon. A large box of fresh organic greens, fruits, and vegetables. I made some pasta tonight with marinara and veggies that was incredible. I could get used to this. I have been starting to focus on my nutrition along with the the training I have been doing for Ironman NY. I can't wait to mix up a green smoothie with some of these ingredients. I would like to lose some weight especially over the holidays since right now it is easy to gain if you aren't careful.

I have an 1800 yard swim I am looking forward to in the morning and then a run during lunch. I don't plan on eating before the swim but will probably make that smoothie to take to work and sip before the run. In 2010 I did really well knowing what I ate and how it made me feel. I felt great that year and had a real strong season. Training for an Ironman I am taking that same approach and I look forward to testing the waters and giving my body what it needs to succeed.

This week's training has gone well and I was able to complete all of my workouts. I also started the 100 runs in 100 days on This seemed to help me out a lot last year in my running so I thought I would do it again. I asked my coach John Hirsch if it would be OK to add a 30 minute run the days I didn't have a run scheduled and he said it would be great but not to over do and keep it in zone 2. I agreed and think that it won't be a problem to get these runs in.

I think I did a good job juggling the family and training this week and I am looking forward to time off work starting this Friday coming up and enjoying the holidays with everyone. Push On!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Putting It Into Perspective

I ran across this picture while contemplating what to write about tonight. About a week into my preparation for Ironman NY with Team Continuum in August this really made me think about what I am preparing for. This picture was taken almost 2 years ago after my first and only marathon down in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. This was the bookend to my first triathlon season that I had started only in June of that same year and my first 5K was only 9 months before that. I remember saying not too long ago that if I ever did another marathon it would be at the end of an Ironman. Well, guess what?

I have to say that this whole experience even though it is in it's infancy, is very exciting and almost surreal. As I prepare for this event, in the backdrop stands something bigger than myself that I will make a difference in. Cancer patients who are enduring their disease will have resources to help them fight. I cannot describe how this feeds my discipline, determination, and desire to succeed first for them, and then for myself.

Having a coach for the first time was a bit of a challenge for me. When I first started I would find a plan stick to it exactly without much change. After my interview with the coach and my plan was ready I questioned him about the run portion. I learned quickly to let go of what I was doing at that point and trust that he would get me where I need to be. This is new territory and like most things I take on this way I know I will be successful.

I included a link below to a little video I took this morning at the gym. Excuse the lack of enthusiasm as I was getting some strange looks as I talked to myself on the treadmill. I look forward to updating everyone on my progress and until I run into you again. Push On!

Video Update #1 Team Continuum Ironman NY

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training with purpose for an outstanding goal!

As I endured the long line to the top of Rockefeller Center the day after Thanksgiving with my wife and three small boys, I didn't really know how much it would affect me. I had finished my first Half Irondistance race less than a month ago and every since then I had a taste for an Ironman. I thought about Cozumel then found out Arizona would be opening up soon and I had already started trying to talk my wife and family into the idea when something hit me. Since my start in fitness and triathlon I have believed in giving back and the importance of this journey being something above just myself. I had been following some folks on Twitter that have really guided me through my journey and found out about Team Continuum about a year ago. Something led me to their site and I realized that their cause was something I believed in. To top it off they were offering entry to Ironman New York for a commitment to raise money for their important charity. This was it, I thought, this was something that meant more than just a goal for myself. Thanksgiving day I had the privelege to get my father in-law out of the house for a simple trip to the Seven Eleven to get the paper with the Black Friday ads for my wife. You see, over a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer and it touched myself and family greatly. I talked to him about what I was thinking about doing and he thought it was commendable. He also mentioned to me how when he was in the hospital there wasn't a lot of communication and consultation about the disease for him and his family. He was really amazed how little of this support was available. I think during that conversation I made up my mind. Back at the top of Rockefeller Center where I started this blog and the view you see in the picture something changed in me and I committed to this great cause and epic event that will help those battling cancer with the non medical needs that are present as they endure their disease. I will be updating this blog as I complete my journey and I appreciate your consideration to helping me with this cause. Click the Team Continuum Athlete Page link in the top right hand corner of the page to read more.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where have you been?

It's been about 4 months since my last post. Here I am in the back of the car on my iPad2 coming back from a very relaxing day trip to Charleston, SC reflecting on my triathlon season (or lack there of). I started out the year with an understanding with myself that I wouldn't be doing much in the way of triathlon this year since my wife and I had our third son in December. Of course, now that I have signed up for the Beach 2 Battleship Half Ironman I am kinda wishing I would have listened to myself. I really wanted to complete a Half this year.

So, last Sunday, after my 5 mile run, after my 43 mile bike I wasn't feeling so good. I finally went to the doctor Monday evening and could not believe the diagnosis. Pneumonia, yep thats right, pneumonia! So I was out last week and will take it easy next week. I hope to ease back into training and be fit enough to finish the race, all things considered. It has been road block after road block but I am keeping my spirits up. I have found that some of the best motivation has been all of my podcasts, race reports, and blogs from last year.

I need to focus on eating right, training when I can and pulling my weight with the family. I also need to focus on staying healthy. I think I might have a piriformis issue in my left side. I know I will persevere, it is in my nature. Push on!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tour de Lake Murray

I had a great ride today. It is a catch 22 as usual. I finally get time to get out for a long ride but it is because my family is away for the week. I miss them.I have wanted to ride around Lake Murray for a long time. It was a little over 66 miles and this was my longest ride so far. I really enjoyed it.

I concentrated on keeping my cadence around 90 to 100 and my heart rate between 140 and 150 bpm. This earned me 19.2 mph average which I was happy with. I added my Garmin connect file and a video. I apologize for the format of the video. I am not sure why the first two are not the correct orientation. It is good to be blogging again. Enjoy and Push on!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lexington Race Against Hunger 2011

First event of 2011 was a lot of fun. I ran this 10K race with my two oldest kids in the double stroller. A lot of hills and even had to stop and tie my shoe. A great time all things considered. I was just glad to get out for the cause. Push on!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Checking In

Yes it's true, I am still around. I actually started my triathlon training yesterday. I am not real sure what I will be doing this year but I will probably only do a few races. I have my sights on Nationals again but the most important thing right now is the family, especially with the new baby.

I have been focusing on the run so far this off season and I am currently participating in the 100/100 challenge on I am finding it to be a great challenge to keep my volume up and I have been working in some speed and hills here and there.

I went to the pool for the first time today since October if you can believe that. It was about like swimming in mud but I logged 750 meters and will be back at it tomorrow. I included a little podcast of when the baby came home. Our lives have really changed since then for the better. It is really great to have a new baby in the house and everyone is enjoying him very much. Push On!