Saturday, December 10, 2011

Putting It Into Perspective

I ran across this picture while contemplating what to write about tonight. About a week into my preparation for Ironman NY with Team Continuum in August this really made me think about what I am preparing for. This picture was taken almost 2 years ago after my first and only marathon down in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. This was the bookend to my first triathlon season that I had started only in June of that same year and my first 5K was only 9 months before that. I remember saying not too long ago that if I ever did another marathon it would be at the end of an Ironman. Well, guess what?

I have to say that this whole experience even though it is in it's infancy, is very exciting and almost surreal. As I prepare for this event, in the backdrop stands something bigger than myself that I will make a difference in. Cancer patients who are enduring their disease will have resources to help them fight. I cannot describe how this feeds my discipline, determination, and desire to succeed first for them, and then for myself.

Having a coach for the first time was a bit of a challenge for me. When I first started I would find a plan stick to it exactly without much change. After my interview with the coach and my plan was ready I questioned him about the run portion. I learned quickly to let go of what I was doing at that point and trust that he would get me where I need to be. This is new territory and like most things I take on this way I know I will be successful.

I included a link below to a little video I took this morning at the gym. Excuse the lack of enthusiasm as I was getting some strange looks as I talked to myself on the treadmill. I look forward to updating everyone on my progress and until I run into you again. Push On!

Video Update #1 Team Continuum Ironman NY

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