Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Update and Team Continuum Video

As I enjoy a recovery week I look back on my last couple of months of training. Right now I am in my half marathon focus getting ready for the Famously Hot Columbia Half Marathon on March 10th. John Hirsch has got me in the pool a lot with a swim focus as well and I had consecutive 10,000 yard weeks in the pool. I hit a milestone last Sunday as I endured 3:40 minutes on my trainer in 23 degree weather in my garage. Insanity? Dedication? Or as coach likes to say "Eye on the prize!"

I have a charity event coming up in about a month at Village Idiot Pizza in five points and I want to thank the folks that have helped out with raffle prizes. I am still looking for a band and working with WXRYUnsigned to possibly get someone to play an acoustic set that evening. It will be shared with friends and will also be trivia night so come on out and learn about Team Continuum.

I hope you enjoy the video I produced about my journey. Until next time, Push On!

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